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Imagine Being Able to Make Illness Optional

Follow science. Not gut feelings.

It’s no secret that science points to a link between our overall health, gut organisms, and genes expressed throughout our body.

This is evident in those with occasional bloating and stomach pain, poor digestion, sleep issues, weight-loss problems, feelings of anxiety, joint discomfort, brain fog, and more.

Viome offers health insights, personalized food recommendations, and precision supplements formulated specifically for each individual.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Eating Right

Create a better future for all

Offering health insights, food recommendations and supplements to support each individual’s biological makeup, Viome’s AI-driven platform analyzes the interaction between food, each person’s microbiome, and their human cells in order to develop precision nutrition to prevent and reverse chronic diseases.

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“Our mission is to help people live a healthy, disease-free life”

Viome aims to help people understand what they uniquely need in order to be healthy and allow them to take back control of their health by addressing the root cause of inflammation, biological aging, and chronic diseases.

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