Reaching for the Moon with Moon Express

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Here’s a glimpse at a new press release about Moon Express:

Naveen Jain  shared with colleagues at the annual Explorers Club Awards Dinner in New York that he is Co-Founder and Chairman of Moon Express, Inc., winner of a $10M NASA commercial lunar contract and a leading contender for the $30M Google Lunar X PRIZE. Why is Naveen reaching for the Moon?  He explained, “This is an extremely exciting project as Moon exploration is vital to solving Earth’s present and future resource problems.”

It was NASA’s creation and rapid deployment of its Innovative Lunar Demonstration Data program that convinced Naveen to invest in Moon Express. “NASA’s proactive efforts to embrace the commercial sector have created an environment of balanced risk and opportunity reminiscent of America’s efforts to open its western frontiers to commerce,” he said. “Moon Express is aptly named to honor the historic public-private railway partnerships that led to national growth and prosperity, but instead of crossing the frontiers, with Moon Express we will be crossing the stars.”

Read the full press release here.

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One thought on “Reaching for the Moon with Moon Express

  1. Dear Mr. Naveen Jain,

    Since you are one of the world’s leading advocate for Moon exploration , Co-Founder and Chairman of Moon Express, Inc., let me briefly submit you the idea of project “Lunar Adventure Tour”, which is somewhere between lunar tourism and space-linked entertainment.
    The main issue of the project is to use the entertainment capabilities of Moon world, this unique cosmic landscapes and views of the really extraterrestrial world. Key elements of the project will be lunar rovers and “on-ground”6-D lunar rovers simulator with 3-D TV screens, made in the form of sightseeing buses that can accommodate up to 30 people. So, tourists in these “bus-simulator” get all the sensations (except for low gravity), the same as if they were traveling on the lunar surface.
    Some details are available on the site and by e-mail.
    Yours sincerely,
    Viktor S. Klenov.

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