SpaceX brings commercialization of space travel close to fruition

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SpaceX's shuttle can ferry cargo to the ISS.While President Barack Obama recently enacted legislation that calls for more manned space missions, it's become apparent that the space agency has few plans for commercial trips. This has led to a number of companies, such as SpaceX, to take up that mantle in NASA's place.

The Telegraph recently reported that these third-party organizations are increasingly getting closer to being able to offer space enthusiasts the ability to travel to outer space for more affordable prices. SpaceX's Dragon capsule, for example, is able to transport supplies to the International Space Station and will soon be able to ferry up to seven people as well.

"We're at the point now where it's either commercial human space flight or no human space flight in the U.S.," Elon Musk, a South African entrepreneur and the founder of Space X, told the source.

The group hopes to eventually be able to bring space enthusiasts into deep space.

Meanwhile, NASA is also planning to bring man to new space destinations. For example, the agency plans to run its first manned mission to nearby asteroids by as soon as 2025. 

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